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Terms for my Dog Walking and Pet Services

Terms and Conditions

  1. All prospective clients must have a no-obligation consultation before any service can be provided.

  2. For customers who require regular dog walking services, payment in cash at the end of each week is required or via cheque, BACS, instant payment etc.

  3. The client confirms that all pets are fully vaccinated, have up to date flea and worm treatments, are not in heat, and in good health (unless so stated in information sheet). All behavioural problems must be disclosed at the time of the consultation.

  4. All customers must specify if they wish their dog to be let off the lead. Pompey Pet Nanny insurance does NOT cover dogs to be let off - however, with a signed consent form and agreement with the individual pet carer, Pompey Pet Nanny can do so. Pompey Pet Nanny and employees cannot be held responsible for any injury or accident caused to or caused by, the customers pet whilst off lead.

  5. Wherever possible, Pompey Pet Nanny will endeavour to follow the emergency procedures agreed in the information sheet. However, in instances where this is not possible (eg emergency contact in not contactable) Pompey Pet Nanny reserves the right to make decisions to ensure the welfare of the pet.

  6. If your pet requires veterinary attention during the course of the booking, Pompey Pet Nanny will arrange for your pet to see a veterinary surgeon. This may incur additional mileage (40p per mile) and time charges at a cost of £20 per hour. The cost of this must be paid in full to Pompey Pet Nanny within 7 days of completion of the booking. All veterinary fees are the clients responsibility.
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